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Coarctation of the aorta. Coarctation of the aorta is a congenital condition whereby the aorta narrows in the area where the ductus arteriosus inserts. Other heart defects may also occur when coarctation is present, typically occurring on the left side of the heart. When a patient has a coarctation, the left ventricle has to work harder. There are two forms of aortic coarctation to be familiar with, an “infant” form and an “adult” form. With the infant form, which accounts for about 70% of cases, the coarctation comes after the aortic arch, which branches off to the upper extremities and to the head, and before the ductus arteriosus.

The area where coarctation of the aorta occurs is usually in the same spot where the ductus arteriosus closes. Sometimes, during normal closure of the ductus in the first week of life, tissue can build up and cause a narrowing. How does coarctation affect the heart? Coarctation of the aorta can cause high blood pressure in the heart. it is due to thickening of the aortic media and typically occurs just distal to the ligamentum arteriosum a remnant of the ductus arteriosus Associations. As with many congenital abnormalities, coarctation of the aorta is associated with other congenital anomalies. cardiac. bicuspid aortic valve: most common associated defect and seen in 75-80%. Postductal coarctation The narrowing is distal to the insertion of the ductus arteriosus. Even with an open ductus arteriosus blood flow to the lower body can be impaired. Newborns with this type of coarctation may be critically sick from the birth. COARCTATION OF THE AORTA WITH PATENT DUCTUS ARTERIOSUS BY J. GIBSON GRAHAM AND J. D. OLAV KERR Received February 28, 1941 While serving in the R.A.M.C. at a military hospital, it has been our good fortune to see a considerable numberof patients with congenital heart disease. One of these with coarctation of the aorta presented certain unusual features. A case of coarctation of the aorta with a patent ductus arteriosus opening at the site of the coarctation is described. The precise diagnosis was made.

mechanism of coarctation is unknown but thought to be due to decreased blood flow across aorta in utero, which can lead to defects in the aorta; ectopic ductal tissue in the aorta, which can cause the aorta to be pulled inwards into a coarctation; because of the aortic narrowing, there is hypertension in the upper extremities. In neonates, it is challenging to diagnose aortic coarctation in the setting of a patent ductus arteriosus PDA. Frequently, serial echocardiograms are performed, and diagnosis is delayed until the PDA closes. Preductal coarctation with a patent ductus arteriosus causes. right to left shunt causing cyanosis. The O2 blood from the Left Ventricle is slowed at the narrowing of the aorta, but the deO2 blood from the right atria is pushed thru the PDA into the aorta and then into the systemic system.

Aortic ductus diverticulum is a developmental outpouching of the thoracic aorta which may be mistaken for an acute aortic injury. Gross anatomy. It is usually seen at the anteromedial aspect of the aorta at site of the aortic isthmus, where the ligamentum arteriosum attaches. It is also the site of the majority ~90% of post-traumatic aortic injuries as the ligamentum arteriosum is one of.

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